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- Writing about Emacs: zaeph
+# January 28, 2021 meeting
+- Agenda
+ - Diversity: dto not around at the moment, gopar also interested
+ - Guidelines for conduct renamed
+ - Transcripts for day 1 done and uploaded to YouTube, will add them to the wiki pages; tweaked transcript display and got some feedback, could use more tweaking; next: day 2
+ - Yay CRDT
+ - Sending a ‘get well soon’ email to David (dto)
+ - emacsconf mailing lists?
+- Diversity
+ - Working with questions
+ - Do we need to change anything about the CFP this year?
+ - 2019: asked for demographic information
+ - 2020: anonymized by bandali before consideration, added paragraph to CFP about encouraging people to reach out
+ - 2021: Ideas/projects
+ - Are people feeling not up to snuff?
+ - Do people not know about it? (I've heard from a number of people who didn't know about EmacsConf until close to the event or after)
+ - Longer CFP process, more reaching out to different places
+ - L: We had discussed starting in July to have a little more lee-way to review the papers, and give more time to people to actually find out about it.
+ - Do underrepresented people not have enough discretionary time due to systemic issues?
+ - Are people worried about being roasted if they make mistakes? (Might be a good opportunity for a FAQ with reassurances)
+ - Add a note about workshops/coaching
+ - Workshops (on top could feature mock presentations
+ - Do we need to change the guidelines for conduct? (might be in tandem with the previous question)
+ - Kind Communication Guidelines
+ - Do we need to rethink the organisation team to have more diversity?
+ - Do we need to rethink Q&A?
+ - It was nice having speakers read the pad if they wanted to; maybe make it clear that they don't have to answer all the questions and that they can answer in any order
+ - Tech check: Coaching speakers on what to do, how to handle questions they don’t want to answer at the moment
+ - Maybe if people felt they had more time for Q&A, they would feel more comfortable with taking a reflective pause or postponing it to a conversation afterwards
+ - reach out to communities to see who might be interested in this issue
+ - e-mail? chat?
+ - How can we make EmacsConf more accessible to people?
+ - Live captions would be pretty interesting; a little hard to do. See if anyone wants to volunteer?
+ - Can join in BBB and stream to a separate stream?
+ - BBB live captions cover bottom part of screen
+ - Maybe if there's a keynote?
+ - Stenography is cool, but hard to get into. Plover?
+ - We can mention the subtitles we've been working on.
+ - \#emacs-accessible? Do we need to make this more prominent?
+ - Can we get more people giving feedback on the transcript format and UI on the wiki?
+ - Should we ask people to e-mail us about their accessibility needs before the conference?
+ - Can we get speakers submitting prerecs earlier so we can subtitle, and then release them simultaneously?
+ - Nudge people towards prerecs more to reduce tech risk
+ - How do we deal with divisive people? Do we need to change the way we handle the people we accept in the CFP?
+ - Using our discretion and judgement might be best, case-by-case
+ - With pre-recs, we’d be able to sense the tone; but we could also do that with the tech-checks
+ - Harking back to RMS’s talks, it was idiosyncratic; the other speakers didn’t have any problem.
+ - We don’t seem to be making too much progress on this question because it’s tied to tech questions. That being said:
+ - We’re going to coach speakers during the tech-checks.
+ - ‘Here’s what we do during emergencies.’
+ - EmacsConf organizers: Handling the viewport
+ - Do we need to reach out to people and encourage particular talks? How? How does that interact with the anonymous CFP process?
+ - What kinds of talks do we generally want?
+ - What are our goals? How do we want to nudge attendees?
+ - Inspirational: Inspired by interesting videos to go and check out stuff, try things out, push their config
+ - Deep dive: Explain something that can be used to build lots of stuff, help with questions
+ - Connecting: people see people like them using Emacs for things they do or want to do
+ - I want one that dives into Org technical stuff, and a nifty org-babel use, and maybe one that dives into an Emacs Lisp library or C, and maybe one on collaborating with others, and maybe one on graphics, and maybe one on interesting UI, and one on music/games, and one on an interesting non-technical use case, and one maybe on the Emacs alternatives (remacs, guile, emacs-ng?), and one about Emacs meetups, and a really cool coding talk, and a newbie/user story&#x2026; - sacha (who has a surprisingly long wishlist)
+ - package maintainers - going from one to many people (or also one package to many packages)
+ - We can ask as an individual asking another individual; doesn't have to be formal in the CFP or anything.
+ - shell
+ - automation
+ - Internet browsing / interacting with Internet services
+ - EmacsConf, automation
+ - Do we want to try the workshop-during-the-conference idea again?
+ - Showcasing diversity? Might be fun for podcasts, and maybe make an index on EmacsWiki
+ - Ideas for future actions
+ - Mailing list for workshops
+ - We could mediate people doing workshops by managing a custom domain, offering email addresses
+ - It would allow us to circumvent the Emacs maintainers which are busy enough as it is, and might generate some
+ - Two elements that we’d need to cover to federate the community
+ - Mailing list
+ - Mailman
+ - Amin says it’s a little complicated to set up, server-side.
+ - Landing page
+ - Questions to figure out:
+ - Which name do we use for the domain?
+ - It’s a lot of time investment; shouldn’t we be waiting for the FSF sponsorship to actually have a way to remunerate people for their work?
+ - Follow-up:
+ - Referring up to know how others manage spam?
+ - Could we ask them to handle our email for us to avoid investing too much time into spam rules?
+ - Podcast
+ - No podcast this week (which is fine, don’t worry!)
+ - Roadmap
+ - Probably another recording tomorrow about ERC
+ - With an Emacs-news segment
+ - Gopar’s journey into Emacs
+ - Future people
+ - David from System Crafters also interested in talking
+ - Maybe something in parallel with ERG?
+ - Maybe bringing Leo later?
+ - Fermin (Maxima speaker) Reach out: irc? email?
+ - Rethinking the intro
+ - Maybe a song that kicks in 7-8 seconds to not delay it too much
+ - We still need to look into a good outro music
+ - shoshin has been super busy, but we might be able to get something from them later on.
+ - Future actions
+ - Maintenance
+ - Re-add CFP to the sidebar (since it might be useful for users checking previous years for info)
+ - Checking the price for live-transcription; maybe they could make a price to us?
+ - Does LibrePlanet live-caption?
+ - Could we find a stenographer who knows about Emacs?
+ - If not, we could feed them a list of words to use for them to prepare
+ - Icecast?
+ - Wiping the emergency contact from the repo (and purging the history)
+ - To investigate
+ - Creating an awesome-emacs repo which would list community people who would be interested in doing more for/with the community
+ - Link for reference: [emacs-tw/awesome-emacs](
+ - EmacsWiki should have a people page, but it just has <> . Time to make a better one. <> and <> are #emacs-focused; see also usesthis
+ - L: We’ve created one for usergroups, so we might as well create one for users as well!
+ - crdt for the question pad?
+ - Might not be stable enough.
+ - Ideas for crdt
+ - BBB & Accessibility
+ - Can we have multiple channels? (transcription vs. audio-description)
+ - Can we have a synthetic voice to read them out?
+ - Blind people might prefer
+ - Finding a monthy slot for getting more people into the EmacsConf meetups.
+ - Homework
+ - Answer this question: ‘What kinds of talks do we generally want?’
+ - Amin: Check how much time it would take to deploy Mailman for the workshops.
+ - Leo: Update bhavin on the mailing stuff to let him that we are currently looking into options
+ - Leo: Sending a get-well-soon to David
+ - How strongly do we want to ask for pre-recs?
+ - Definitely at least as much as this year.
+ - It’s also much easier for Amin to chill when we have pre-recs.
# January 21, 2021 meeting
- Updates:
@@ -87,14 +219,14 @@
# January 14, 2021 meeting
- Updates:
- - Sacha:
+ - Sacha:
- More subtitles edited (bhavin192 is helping too). Almost done
with day 1 except for opening/closing remarks and manual transcriptions for 03-questions and 08
- switched to using emacsnews Reddit account
- scheduled tweets from @sachac about upcoming Emacs events - do you want these mirrored to @emacsconf or something?
- no new events aside from the ones already on the calendar
- bandali: recorded first episode of Emacs Weekly, skipped the news component and just had an interview about EmacsConf
- - next:
+ - next:
- mix audio together and edit it
- plan to have several buffer episodes before releasing, maybe beginning of February
- can put together separate segments
@@ -103,7 +235,7 @@
- maybe community hosts, too?
- nudge from Sacha to transcribe or have show notes if possible =)
- gopar doesn't have a laptop at the moment
- - which parts of your config might be good to contribute to core?
+ - which parts of your config might be good to contribute to core?
questions to nudge people to contribute to core/packages
- This question coudl also be used in workshops settings with a sense of chronology: 1. publish it online, 2. merge it to core?
- Q for mplsCorwin: would you like to transcribe 03-questions and 08, or shall I go ahead and do them? - sachac
@@ -190,7 +322,7 @@
- sachac: subed.el patches for splitting and merging subtitles, will
continue editing subtitles
- Podcast:
- - Thinking about name: 
+ - Thinking about name:
- Current: emacs.el podcast
- Emacs Weekly? Probably okay, although includes commitment to
actually make it weekly
@@ -219,7 +351,7 @@
- Look, we can just post a rough outline, whee! =)
- bullet-points are fine as a starting point
- - Segments of recording? Timer in the pad can help. 
+ - Segments of recording? Timer in the pad can help.
- Livestream with delay?
- Something to grow into, maybe; let's start with text and
possibly recording segments
@@ -228,7 +360,7 @@
private segment as short as possible
- Everyone's cool with this
- Discussed: Separate days for private and public meeting? Might
- take too much time. 
+ take too much time.
- Guidelines for private segments: document reasons if possible
- Confidentiality
- Buzz factor: vet ideas before unleashing them? preview?
@@ -248,5 +380,5 @@
- Leo will write a summary of what we've been doing and put it in the
pad, for e-mailing out?
- Braindumps welcome =)
- - Week after: public meeting/recording 
+ - Week after: public meeting/recording