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+[[!meta title="Planning"]]
+[[!meta copyright="Copyright © 2020, 2021 Amin Bandali"]]
+Most of the EmacsConf organizers and other volunteers hang out in the
+`#emacsconf` IRC channel on ``. If you would like to
+get involved, come by our `#emacsconf` channel and say hi!
+Besides IRC, the [emacsconf-org][emacsconf-org] public mailing list is
+the main medium of communication for the EmacsConf organizers.
+The organizers will use this page as a collection of various notes,
+ideas, and plans for organizing the conference, and may add excerpts
+from the channel logs for `#emacsconf` and `#emacsconf-org` to this
+You might find it useful to also look at the plans and notes from
+previous years, such as 2020's [[planning|2020/planning]] and
+[[organizers' notebook|2020/organizers-notebook]], and 2019's
+[[planning|2019/planning]] and [[organizers'
+notebook|2019/organizers-notebook]] pages.