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+PRODID:-//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//EN
+X-WR-CALNAME:Emacs calendar
+DESCRIPTION:<p><a href="" id="ow417" __is_owner="t
+ rue"></a></p><p>Our next meetup is going to be on
+ Wednesday\, December 30th\, different to previous years where the December
+ meetup was usually cancelled due to holidays. It’ll take place online again
+ like last time on video chat.</p><p>New to Emacs? Longtime elisp expert? J
+ ust want to know what this is all about? Come join us!</p><h3>Location</h3>
+ <p>Room open from 18:30 CET\, if there are talks they’ll start at 19:00 CET
+ . The video link will be posted on the day of the meetup to the mailing lis
+ t. Check the&nbsp\;<a href="
+ hread.html">archive</a>&nbsp\;if you are not subscribed.</p><h3>About Emacs
+ Berlin</h3><p>We are Emacs enthusiasts in Berlin\, meeting every last Wedn
+ esday of the month (<code>&lt\;%%(diary-float t 3 -1)&gt\;</code>&nbsp\;in
+ org-mode).</p><p>The best way to stay posted is through our mailing list.&n
+ bsp\;<a href="">Sign up</a>&
+ nbsp\;and meet your fellow Emacsers\, or have a look at the&nbsp\;<a href="
+">mailing list archives</a>&nbsp\;
+ (<a>gmane</a>).</p><p>Feel free to send an email introducing yourself after
+ subscribing!</p><p>You can also chat with us on irc:&nbsp\;<a>#emacs-berli
+ n</a>&nbsp\;(<a href="
+ html">connection instructions</a>)</p><p>Or on Twitter:&nbsp\;<a href="http
+ s://">@emacsberlin</a></p><p>And there’s a&nbsp\;<a
+ href="">YouTube Cha
+ nnel</a>&nbsp\;&nbsp\;</p><p>And on&nbsp\;<a href="
+ macs-Berlin-Meetup/"></a></p><p>Non-public co
+ ntact via email:&nbsp\;<a href=""
+ >organizers email</a><br></p>
+SUMMARY:Emacs Berlin
+ calendar;X-NUM-GUESTS=0:mailto:c_rkq3fc6u8k1nem23qegqc90l6c@group.calendar.
+DESCRIPTION:<a href="
+ 4356205/" id="ow3688" __is_owner="true">
+ cs-Meetup/events/274356205/</a><br><br>Hosted by Zachary K. and Eric C.<br>
+ <br>Join us online:&nbsp\;<a href="">https://me
+</a><br>And join us using your favorite IRC client at #em
+ acsnyc or use&nbsp\;<a href="">https://webchat
+</a>.<br><br>-----<br><br>Literate Programming with Org Mode<b
+ r><br>A talk by Josh Holbrook\, Staff Data Engineer at DoubleVerify.<br><br
+ >Org mode\, the task management and document markup system for Emacs\, incl
+ udes a tool called Babel which may be used for literate programming. In thi
+ s talk I will explain literate programming\, discuss how Org mode and Babel
+ enable it\, and go over an example using the slide deck itself. I will als
+ o cover some real-world experiences writing literate programs in Emacs and
+ the pros and cons of doing so.<br><br>-----<br><br>We strive to run a meetu
+ p that is inclusive to all.<br><br>Please read our code of conduct for more
+ details:&nbsp\;<a href="
+ /master/" id="ow3669" __is_owner="true">
+ m/emacsnyc/meeting-logistics/blob/master/</a>
+SUMMARY:EmacsNYC: Literate Programming with Org Mode
+ calendar;X-NUM-GUESTS=0:mailto:c_rkq3fc6u8k1nem23qegqc90l6c@group.calendar.
+ n\nEmacs ATX is a meetup devoted to exploring the vast and ever expanding u
+ niverse of the extensible\, customizable\, free/libre editor Emacs. We are
+ also a support group for people with Emacs-related issues. Our goal is to m
+ ake everyone more productive.\n\nCome practice your Emacs Fu with us!\n\nIn
+ fosession\n\nShad will demonstrate re-builder\, an interactive tool for bui
+ lding regular expressions.\n\nDar will discuss leaf\, a use-package inspire
+ d package configurator\, and feather\, a package.el wrapper for parallel pa
+ ckage fetching and byte-compiling.\n\nHosting\n\nMany thanks to Webex for p
+ roviding a space for our meeting.\n\nSign up at
+ sATX/events/xgmxzrybcqbdb/ to get the link to join
+SUMMARY:EmacsATX: re-builder\, leaf\, feather