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@@ -6,16 +6,16 @@ written in markdown, and converted to HTML using the
[ikiwiki](// wiki compiler. You are welcome and
encouraged to edit and help improve the site.
-**Important:** before proceeding any further, see the [[EmacsConf wiki
-license terms|COPYING]] before pushing any changes.
+**Important:** see the [[EmacsConf wiki license terms|COPYING]] before
+before proceeding any further and pushing any changes.
To edit the wiki, you need to install `git` if it is not installed on
your machine already. Then, you can clone the sources from any one of
the following addresses:
- ssh://
- git://
+ ssh://
+ git://
Note that the `https://` access is read-only and does not allow
pushing changes, while the `ssh://` and `git://` methods allow pushes