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+This site is a wiki, editable by anyone on the planet. The pages are
+written in markdown, and converted to HTML using the
+[ikiwiki](// wiki compiler. You are welcome and
+encouraged to edit and help improve the site.
+**Important:** before proceeding any further, see the [[EmacsConf wiki
+license terms|COPYING]] before pushing any changes.
+To edit the wiki, you need to install `git` if it is not installed on
+your machine already. Then, you can clone the sources from any one of
+the following addresses:
+ ssh://
+ git://
+Note that the `https://` access is read-only and does not allow
+pushing changes, while the `ssh://` and `git://` methods allow pushes
+as well. Even though `https://` access is read-only, it can be useful
+if you would like to manually cross-check and compare the hashes of
+commits with hashes of the commits of a clone over the insecure
+`git://` protocol.
+We strongly recommend using `ssh://` (which is both secure and allows
+pushes), and avoiding `git://` (no transport security) and `https://`
+(read-only access).
+## SSH access (recommended method)
+To use the `ssh://` method, you need `openssh` installed on your
+machine, which is available on virtually all GNU/Linux distributions
+and other Unix-like operating systems like the BSDs. You also need to
+download the ssh private key [[id_rsa_anon_git_emacsconf]] and install
+it into `~/.ssh/` (the `.ssh` directory in your home directory). The
+key fingerprint is `SHA256:XbUoLgO2YH9+phNPKvwq8w0Q/8NhaKfS/VE6pDwTPsM`, and its randomart image is:
+ +---[RSA 2048]----+
+ | . |
+ | o . |
+ | + o . o . |
+ | . * + o o |
+ | . * S + . |
+ | + &.B.o |
+ | ..+ E=* |
+ | |
+ | +o++.. |
+ +----[SHA256]-----+
+Note that `openssh` requires SSH private keys to be secured with
+permissions that prevent other users on your machine from reading or
+modifying them.
+To download the key and set appropriate permissions on it, you run
+something along these lines in your terminal:
+ wget
+ mkdir -p ~/.ssh/
+ mv id_rsa_anon_git_emacsconf ~/.ssh/
+ chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa_anon_git_emacsconf
+You can show the fingerprint of the key to examine with the expected
+fingerprint mentioned ealier using:
+ ssh-keygen -lf ~/.ssh/id_rsa_anon_git_emacsconf
+Lastly, you need to create a `~/.ssh/config` file (if you don't have
+one already) and add the following to it:
+ Host
+ Port 22
+ User git
+ IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa_anon_git_emacsconf
+The `Port 22` line is optional, since SSH uses port 22 by default.
+However, the SSH server listens on ports 21, 22, 53, 81, 8000, and
+8080 for your convenience if you need it.
+You're now all set and ready to clone the repository containing the
+wiki sources. To do so, run:
+ git clone
+If this is your first time using Git, please set valid and real
+`` and `` configurations options (see [Getting
+Started - First-Time Git
+Now, go ahead and make your changes to the website sources in the
+repository you just cloned. When you're done, do:
+ git add X Y Z
+ git commit -m"descriptive commit message"
+where `X`, `Y`, and `Z` are the files you changes; and `descriptive
+commit message` is, well, a descriptive text describing your changes.
+When you are ready, push your changes by running `git push`, and if
+all went well, your commit should be pushed and your changes appear on
+the website within a few seconds.