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-Hi, I'm [Amin Bandali][bandali], often just `bandali` on the
-interwebs. I'm a [free software][freesw] activist, a GNU
-[maintainer][maint], [webmaster][webmaster], and [Savannah
-hacker][sv]. I'm also the co-host of the [Emacs.el][emacsel] podcast.
+Hi, I'm [bandali][bandali], and I'm a [free software][freesw] activist.
+I [wear a few different hats][bandali-gnu] around the GNU Project, and
+I'm also an ex-intern and current volunteer for the FSF.
I first got involved with EmacsConf back in 2015 when I helped
organize [[EmacsConf 2015|2015]], mainly taking care of the infra, and
-am now the chief organizer for EmacsConf from [[EmacsConf 2019|2019]]
-onward. :-)
+was the chief organizer for EmacsConf [[2019]] and [[2020]].
-You can contact me by emailing me at bandali at gnu dot org. I also
-idle on freenode as `bandali`.
+You can contact me by emailing me at bandali at gnu dot org, or by
+messaging me (bandali) on freenode.
-[bandali]: //
-[freesw]: //
-[maint]: //
-[webmaster]: //
-[sv]: //
-[emacsel]: //