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- Modernise the notes for our EmacsConf meetings
- Find a moment to talk with mplsCorwin about FH funding
-- EmacsConf
+- EmacsConf 2021
- Subtitles/transcripts: sachac, bhavin192
- Calendar, connecting with meetups: sachac, zaeph
- Guidebook for streaming: bandali, sachac, zaeph
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- Beginner’s track (dto & mplsCorwin?)
- We could also use sachac’s list of categories for Emacs news as input
+- EmacsConf 2022
+ This entry is mostly for points we cannot address for EmacsConf 2021 (for lack of time), but that we’d still like to track for the future.
+ - Improving the review process
+ - Involving the public (i.e. doing it publicly)
+ - Involving more communities
+ - Creating a new format for discussions/interviews
+ - e.g., talking with vimmers (the audacity, I know!)
+ - Think about funding
- EmacsVerse
- Vet Mailman and exim instance for usergroups: bandali
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- mplsCorwin's livestreaming project, working on trimming
- Diversity outreach: gopar, sachac, zaeph, mplsCorwin
+* September 4, 2021 meeting
+- Next actions from last time
+ - zaeph:
+ - Look into polling for views to turn into a cron
+ - Send email to Jeremy Friesen, and maybe schedule a meeting
+ - Also Cc:
+ - Try to find a date that North-American folks can attend too
+ - Draft the email for publicising office hour
+ - Make a PR for adding EmacsConf to [[][Tech conferences in 2021 and 2022 |]]
+ - PR here: [[][tech-conferences/ List of tech conferences: JavaScript / Design - CSS - UX / Ruby - iOS - Android - PHP - Data - Devops and more.]]
+ - Everyone:
+ - <2021-09-01 Wed>: Review zaeph’s email proposal for publicising the office hour
+ - Come up with an exhaustive list of topics/tracks for the next edition
+ - Find the first TODO this document under [[#ongoing-projects][file:~/]]
+ - Review the ongoing projects because some projects ought to be updated
+ - Review the schedule for office hours
+ - Would sachac want some help with the scheduling?
+ - Could we maybe documenta little more how sachac does it so that other orgas could help (or someone new to recruit)?
+* August 28, 2021 meeting
+- Check-in
+ - bandali
+ - Had a lovely time at the cottage
+ - sacha
+ - Doing good, as usual and ever!
+ - zaeph
+ - Doing /swimmingly/ well (or, as sachac is pointing out, /mostly/ well considering the ear cloggage)
+ - corwin
+ - Sleepy, but joined us eventually! :)
+ - seabass
+ - We’ve decided to invite seabass to our closed-door session since he’s shown an interest in helping us with the organisation
+- Polling number of visits to the CFP page
+ - zaeph will take care of this
+ #+begin_src bash
+ cat /var/log/nginx/access.log{,.1} | awk '/0[56]\/Aug\/2021/ {print $1}' | sort | wc -l # total visits
+ cat /var/log/nginx/access.log{,.1} | awk '/0[56]\/Aug\/2021/ {print $1}' | sort | uniq | wc -l # unique visitors
+ #+end_src
+- zaeph joining the r/emacs moderation team
+ - zaeph summarised the situation that has happened in r/emacs with regards to alleged over-moderation, especially on dissension with social justice topics
+ - We might want to have a discussion on the validity of platforming such discussion; some people like to discuss those topics and use them to deploy their pedagogy; opposite to that, we might think that not platforming those discussions would be for the best.
+ - Regardless of what r/emacs elects to do in the future, we should consider it as an experimentation for what EmacsConf could do with regards to platforming controversial topics
+ - We especially encountered the topic when we had RMS’s talk in EmacsConf 2020
+ - sachac:
+ #+begin_quote
+ Last time, we were leaning towards moderating questions for potentially challenging talks
+ Hard to evaluate "arguing in bad faith"
+ Since the greatest conflicts are from opposing values, deeply held
+ #+end_quote
+ - Using off-topic tag to maybe not platform them immediately, or tag them accordingly?
+ - sachac:
+ #+begin_quote
+ It might be hard to get the behavior in, but maybe we can get some friendlies to model it.
+ And the tag can be added later
+ So by whoever's helping with the pad
+ And encouraging contact info for followup might also be doable with modeling
+ #+end_quote
+- Finding people to help us with
+ - zaeph found [[][Jeremy Friesen]] who might be an interesting person to reach out to help us with gender diversity, considering their experience in inclusion of women in corporate software development circles.
+ - sachac: Diversity extra challenging this year due to disproportionate effect of COVID-related changes on women and minorities
+ - zaeph will reach out and see what can be done
+- Office hours
+ - corwin is having a stellar time with, but zaeph mostly has people showing up to listen in
+ - It’s a little bit against the spirit of the office hour
+ - We might still ask those people to bring over people we’re trying to help with this outreach program
+ - Publicising
+ - emacsconf-discuss &
+ - r/emacs (and with zaeph as a mod, no need to bug anyone for pinning topics anymore! :) )
+ - Twitter account (via our account or via the FSF’s; see below)
+ - Asking the FSF to include it in their monthly newsletter, or just tweet it out
+ - [[][Tech conferences in 2021 and 2022 |]]
+ - ----------------------------------------
+ - Fediverse presence
+ - seabass could put together a proposal for getting a Mastodon community
+ - It might not be a crucial thing to do now
+ - corwin’s feedback on his session
+ - The first sessions where mostly corwin sitting alone in the room.
+ - alphapapa joined and had a long, enthusiastic discussion.
+ - We need to have another look at the schedule for the ofice hours, especially now that bandali is back from his break
+- Podcast update
+ - bandali has to get in touch with gopar to see if they’re willing and able to take them up again
+ - bandali wants to get back to it, since a few episodes have already
+- Review process for the proposals
+ - Follow-up from last session: Should we find a time for processing the first batch of proposals that we already have?
+ - We’ve received 7 proposals so far
+ - seabass mentioned getting beginners involved in the review process, but zaeph voiced concern about how hard that crowd would be to find, and that it would take quite a bit of energy out of orgas to organise and structure this
+ - How could we best reach out to this crowd if you’re not much of an Emacs user to begin with?
+ - Approaching another Lisp community could be a good idea
+ - zaeph did a collective /mea culpa/ with regards to the 2nd improvement meeting that we were supposed to have
+ - There were two big topics that would have warranted more scrutiny for us
+ - Even though we were not able to implement some of the recommendations or to have some of the discussions that we wanted to have for EmacsConf 2021, we’ll still be able to cover those topics with as much time and focus as we want for EmacsConf 2022. In the meantime, however, and provided that we’ve got the people to do it, we can still look into pragmatic solution that wouldn’t require too much time and which would maximise the number of people from different communities coming to help us.
+ - seabass: You don’t need to be 100% unbiassed to get good viersity; what about going through the regular review process with 90% of the scheduled time, and taking the last 10% randomly.
+ - We had a long discussion about the benefits of open-door policies with regards to conferences, especially with seabass and corwin
+- We need to think about satellite sessions
+ - Possible locations
+ - Australia?
+ - From last year
+ - Boston
+- ERG resuming
+ - zaeph talked about what the session will be about: catching up
* August 14, 2021 meeting
- Important next actions from last time for today [2021-07-29 Thu 20:30] (UTC):