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Push notes for last meeting
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- Subtitles/transcripts: sachac, bhavin192
-- FOSSHost: mplsCorwin
- Calendar, connecting with meetups: sachac
- Streaming infrastructure for meetups?: bandali, sachac
- Amin and Gopar's podcast: bandali, gopar
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- Writing about Emacs: zaeph
- Diversity outreach: gopar, sachac, zaeph
- Finding a parallel monthly day for EmacsConf prep meetings
-- Review whether we need FH’s BBB instance
+ - Write-up for streaming with FLOSS
+- Review whether we need FH’s BBB instance: mplsCorwin & bandali
+- Mediation project between MELPA and org-mode’s core: zaeph
* February 20, 2021 meeting
-- Tentative agenda
- - Discuss distribution of meetings / podcasts
- - Need volunteers to publish to certain popular platforms (i.e. itunes)
- - Leo: FSF sponsorship
+- Discuss distribution of meetings / podcasts
+ - For grabbing BBB’s recordings
+ - With Firefox
+ - [[][Video DownloadHelper – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)]]
+ - Download the two feeds (one for presentation, and one for all the webcams)
+- Updates
+ - gopar: been busy
+ - bandali: busy at work too
+ - sachac: experimenting with captions (can do mic+browser audio now), gstreamer->OBS
+- Podcast with bandali and gopar
+ - Last week, they’ve interviewed Fermin on his experience with Maxima
+ - Name
+ - EmacsNow (how did we not think of this before?)
+ - bandali got the idea BSDNow
+ - Maybe prepending the name with ~M-x~?
+ - bandali wanted something very short and
+ - He also wanted to use a theme for the podcast’s website which would be based on Emacs
+ - As a stretch-goal, we could merge a `emacs-now` command into core to open the podcast
+ - If elfeed (or any other RSS, maybe GNUS?) could be merged into Emacs, the command could bring you to the feed for the podcast
+ - Everyone seems to agree that EmacsNow is a good, short name, and that we should go with it
+ - Format?
+ - This one was a lengthy podcast: more than 1h30, but it was very interesting
+ - gopar and Fermin bonded over chess, which was fun!
+ - bandali and gopar would be interested in extending the podcast to other topics beyond Emacs
+ - Would that be a good idea?
+- M-x Research
+ - ERG is not the only group working on research within Emacs: there is also `M-x Research`
+- ERG’s last meeting: Intervieww with Peeragogy
+ - It went well, and I’m too tired to re-write what I’ve said during the meeting (sorry!)
+- Need volunteers to publish to certain popular platforms (i.e. itunes)
+ - bandali and gopar have some experience with it, and mplsCorwin was willing to help as well
+- Leo: FSF sponsorship
+ - Table it for now; Leo hasn’t had time to work on it this week.
+- Leo: Kickstarter for org-mode core mediation
+ - Mentioned the project of mediating the org-mode MELPA ecosystem and the core of Emacs
+ - bandali thinks it’s interesting to think about the whole packagers within Emacs (including MELPA)
+ - Before, it used to be just ELPA; but then, MELPA came along, but because of its raison d’être, it was never implemented into the core of Emacs
+ - Non-GNU ELPA doesn’t require CLA; the mediation project might be a nice way to bridge the gap between those communities
+ - Might help with discoverability
+ - Surveying the field (and the people) to see which package would
+ - Ecosystem of org-mode packages
+ - Questions from bandali
+ - How would this project work within the new doctrine for org-mode (i.e. fragmentation of maintenance in a federated way)?
+ - Folding org-mode development back into the Emacs repository?
+ - ‘Emacs’s core is where packages go to die’ (Leo; please don’t quote him on this in unauthorised spaces)
+ - Could we get bzg involved in the discussion?
+ - Not right now; Leo needs to finish his contract before he starts diverting himself towards greener fields.
+ - Financial aspect
+ - Leo thinks it’d be *very* complicated to reach th number that Jonas (tarsius) reached with magit; however, it would be possible to get a project going with only a fraction of that
+17k EUR for 6 month of work
+2100 EUR/monthly (compared to the 1500 EUR / 1800 USD I was making as a professor)
+25% goes to social security in France, up to 10% goes to taxes
+I’m aiming to release this on March 15 or on April 1st (depending on how many people I need to reach out to)
+There would be also a stretch-goal of doing this for a eyar if I get 34k
+- EmacsSF & BBB
+ - Could we test-run FH’s BBB instance rather than the FSF’s?
+ - In theory, it’s doable, and it’s why it was given to us for
+ - We’re going to test-drive it, and we’ll report how it went (zaeph & maybe sachac?)
+- Next time
+ - bandali might have a version of the podcast that we could review
+ - One of the episodes
+ - 1: EmacsConf: how it went generally (not the actual title)
+ - 2: ERG
+ - 3: Maxima with Fermin
+ - The order is still unclear, but the three episodes are recorded
+ - bandali is planning to have some time to ivnest into writing the guide on streaming with FLOSS (but *no pressure*!! ಠ_ಠ)
+ - Tentative agenda
+ - zaeph: Kickstarter for MELPA/core org-mode
+ - Especially to get sachac’s opinion
+ - Podcast update
+ - FH review based on EmacsSF
+ - Mailing list
+ - bandali will ping bhavin192 for which email they want
* February 13, 2021 meeting
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Next actions:
- Discuss distribution of meetings / podcasts
- - Need volunteers to publish to certain popular platforms (i.e. itunes)
+- Need volunteers to publish to certain popular platforms (i.e. itunes)
- Leo: FSF sponsorship
* February 6, 2021 meeting