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Add contact page and link to it from 2021 CFP
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@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ neat idea that you'd like to share, please propose it anyway! You can
always handle questions after the conference, and we might even be
able to coordinate with other Emacs meetups for regional events (if
you're an Emacs meetup organizer and would like to make this happen
-please get in touch with us!).
+let's [[][get in touch]]!).
Please note that although we will try our best to stick to the above
dates in the coming months, given the current state of the world, we
@@ -103,8 +103,8 @@ ideas, while still allowing for featuring longer deep dive talks.
Other session formats such as tutorials, workshops, and hangouts are
welcome as well, in case you would find those other formats preferable
to a traditional talk format. If you're interested in these or other
-session types, please get in touch with us publicly or privately.
-We'll be happy to work something out with you.
+session types, please let us know [[][publicly]] or [[][privately]]. We'll be
+happy to work something out with you.
* Office hours
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ We'd like to publish a schedule of availabilities of volunteers for
holding office hours. Currently these volunteers consist of some of
the EmacsConf organizers, but we'd love to have the help of other
members of the Emacs community as well. If you are a more experienced
-Emacs user and would like to help with this, please get in touch!
+Emacs user and would like to help with this, please [[][get in touch]]!
Our first office hour this year is planned for Saturday, August 14,
from 3pm to 4pm UTC with zaeph (Leo Vivier) at the following