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EmacsConf is the conference about the joy of Emacs, Emacs Lisp, and
memorizing key sequences.
+## Watch
+<a name="watch"></a>
+See [](// for the livestream
+feeds you can watch in your browser, as well as instructions for
+watching them in media players that support streaming.
+## Participate
+<a name="participate"></a>
+IRC, specifically the freenode network, is our primary real-time
+communication channel. You can join the chat using [your favourite
+IRC client](irc:// or the
+[](// webchat.
+Below are the official EmacsConf IRC channels:
+- **#emacsconf**: the main IRC channel for EmacsConf.
+- **#emacsconf-questions**: dedicated to audience questions, more
+ moderated than the main channel to keep traffic lower so that the
+ organizers or the speakers could easily get to people's questions
+ without having to sift through unrelated messages.
+- **#emacsconf-accessible**: discussion around EmacsConf's
+ accessibility. On November 2, please use this channel to post
+ transcriptions or descriptive texts about what's happening during
+ each talk.
+- **#emacsconf-org**: dedicated channel for EmacsConf organizers and
+ speakers, intended as an internal, low-traffic space. For general
+ discussion around the conference please use #emacsconf instead,
+ unless there's an urgent matter requiring immediate attention of the
+ organizers.
+Lastly, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list
+for general discussion and announcements about the conference.
+## Status
+<a name="status"></a>
+We have set up a status page at
+[](// where we will post
+latest updates on any disruptions to various parts of our
+infrastructure. If you notice a problem or experience disruption
+that's not acknowledged there, please join the #emacsconf-org IRC
+channel and send a message about it.
+## misc
+This year, we are holding EmacsConf as an online conference. We will
+be using [free software](// tools
+exclusively throughout our infrastructure, with a detailed write-up of
+our setup coming after the conference.
+Older notes:
+[[Watch|2019#watch]] | [[Participate|2019#participate]] |
+[[Status|2019#status]] | [[Call for Proposals|cfp]] |
+[[Planning]] | [[Ideas]] | [[Submit]] | [[Register]]
+For speakers:
+[[Instructions for presenting|present]] |
+[[Notes on preparing your talk|prepare]] | [[Tips for speakers|tips]]
+For organizers:
+[[Organizers' notebook|organizers-notebook]]