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@@ -9,15 +9,15 @@ November 2, 2019 | 9am EDT / 1pm UTC / 2pm CET
EmacsConf is the conference about the joy of Emacs, Emacs Lisp, and
memorizing key sequences.
-## Watch
<a name="watch"></a>
+## Watch
See [](// for the livestream
feeds you can watch in your browser, as well as instructions for
watching them in media players that support streaming.
-## Participate
<a name="participate"></a>
+## Participate
IRC, specifically the freenode network, is our primary real-time
communication channel. You can join the chat using [your favourite
@@ -45,8 +45,8 @@ Lastly, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list
for general discussion and announcements about the conference.
-## Status
<a name="status"></a>
+## Status
We have set up a status page at
[](// where we will post