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In this talk, I'll discuss a vision for how writing code could be, where the
editing operations map directly to the primitives of the language itself -- and
-my humble attempt of implementing this vision. **tree-edit** seeks to provides a
+my humble attempt of implementing this vision. _tree-edit_ seeks to provides a
structural editing plugin supporting conceivably any language with a tree-sitter
@@ -24,19 +24,19 @@ etc. So when we write and edit code, why do we edit in terms of deleting,
inserting, replacing characters &#x2013; not wrapping, inserting, raising,
deleting expressions and statements?
-I'll also discuss the implementation of `tree-edit`, which uses a novel
+I'll also discuss the implementation of tree-edit, which uses a novel
combination of the fantastic
[tree-sitter]( parser
with an embedded logic programming DSL ([miniKanren](,
using elisp port [reazon]( to power it's
syntax tree generation.
-Check out the GitHub repo at:
+Check out the GitHub repo [here](!
# Outline
- Discuss motivation (Why should I care?)
-- Demonstrate tree-edit (Live-coding with `tree-edit`)
+- Demonstrate tree-edit (Live-coding with tree-edit)
- Demonstrate tree-edit syntax tree generator (Elevator pitch on miniKanren)