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[[!meta copyright="Copyright © 2019, 2020 Amin Bandali"]]

## Ikiwiki

The EmacsConf site is actually a wiki, editable by anyone on the
planet.  The pages are written in markdown, and converted to HTML
using the [ikiwiki](// wiki compiler.

You are welcome and encouraged to help improve the site.  Please see
the [[instructions on how to edit the wiki|edit]].

## Oddmuse

The EmacsConf site during 2019 was built on the awesome
[Oddmuse](// wiki software, available under GPLv3+.

As nice as Oddmuse is, we found the lack of proper nested pages rather
limiting for our use-case, and have since switched to using ikiwiki
for this wiki.

Feel free to check out our [[oddmuse]] page for more information about
our old Oddmuse setup, including the latest Oddmuse config file we
used, along with other related files.

## Discourse

For EmacsConf 2015 we started self-hosting a Discourse instance at
[](//  But as years
went by, it became something of a maintenance burden, as the current
organizers were interested in maintaining production Ruby software,
and the previous volunteers having moved on to other adventures in
life.  Also, the VPS that hosted our Discourse instance and was kept
running all of these years could potentially go offline at any time.

For EmacsConf 2019 onward, as an effort to simplify our infrastructure
and minimize the number systems we have to manage (so we could better
focus on the main pieces of software needed for running a conference
using only free software), I decided to retire our Discourse instance.
A traditional mailing list plus our IRC channel have since taken
Discourse's place as the means of communication for EmacsConf
organizers, volunteers, and participants; covering most if not all the
use-cases we had for the forum.

- Mailing list: [emacsconf-discuss](// on
- IRC channel: `#emacsconf` on ``

To preserve old Discourse discussions, I created a read-only archive
of the forums using [HTTrack](// like so:

httrack -O \
        -x -o -M10000000 -N100 -I0 --user-agent "Googlebot"
grep -rl index-2 | xargs sed -i 's/index-2/index/g'

The read-only archive of the old Discourse forum is accessible at the
old address, [](//