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+[[!meta title="Contact information"]]
+The EmacsConf community, including organizers, volunteers, and other
+folks interested in EmacsConf and Emacs, communicate mainly via IRC
+and mailing lists.
+EmacsConf's official IRC channels are on the [Libera.Chat][libera]
+network. The main IRC channel is `#emacsconf`, and `#emacsconf-org`
+is meant for discussing among EmacsConf organizers and/or discussions
+pertaining to the organization of the conference.
+EmacsConf's official mailing lists are hosted on the GNU Project's
+lists server. [emacsconf-discuss][emacsconf-discuss] is the main
+EmacsConf mailing list, for general discussion and announcements about
+the EmacsConf conference. The public [emacsconf-org][emacsconf-org]
+list is dedicated to discussions related to organizing the conference
+by the EmacsConf organizers and volunteers. There is also an
+[emacsconf-org-private][emacsconf-org-private] list for discussion of
+private matters with the EmacsConf organizers when need be, though the
+list is rather low traffic, as almost all discussions about organizing
+the conference are carried out publicly on the emacsconf-org list.