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alt="EmacsConf logo"]]</p>
<p class="center">[[<strong>Call for Proposals</strong>|cfp]] |
-[[Ideas]] | [[Submit]] | [[Planning]] |
+[[Ideas]] | [[Submit]] | [[Prepare]] | [[Planning]] |
[[Guidelines for Conduct|conduct]]</p>
EmacsConf is the conference about the joy of [Emacs][emacs],
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+[[!meta title="Notes and tips on preparing your talk"]]
+[[!meta copyright="Copyright &copy; 2021 Amin Bandali"]]
+This page contains notes and tips for our speakers on preparing their
+talks and presentations. Please read through the list and consider it
+while preparing your talk. If you have any questions, concerns, or
+suggestions please feel free to write to one of the organizers
+directly (e.g. <>), or write to one our organizational
+mailing lists: the public <> list, or the private
+<> list, depending on the nature of the
+matter you would like to discuss.
+Note: being part of a wiki, this page is subject to change (including
+by you!); so please check back every now and again for any changes and
+[[!toc levels=4]]
+### Guidelines for conduct
+Please review our [[guidelines for conduct|conduct]] when preparing
+your talk, to make sure we're all on the same page and strive to make
+the event a great experience for all. If you're not sure whether your
+talk or presentation style meets the guidelines laid out in the
+guidelines for conduct, we'd be happy to help. You can email Sacha
+Chua at <> to chat more about this.
+### Recording your talk
+To help EmacsConf 2021 run smoothly, please prerecord your talk. and
+send us your video(s) by **November 7** at the latest (three weeks
+before the conference), to allow us enough time to do any needed
+processing (e.g. format or codec conversion) in preparation for the
+event. Please consider submitting a prerecording as early as possible
+so that we can see if volunteers can caption your video to make it
+more accessible and searchable.
+To make it easier for organizers and attendees to correctly pronounce
+your name, please start your video with something along the lines of:
+"Hi! I'm ${NAME} and I'll be talking about ${TOPIC}."
+Please **send your prerecording(s) via email to <>**,
+either in form of attachments (if reasonably small), or direct link(s)
+to download from elsewhere. If you have a script or notes, please
+include it as well so that we can use it to help us with captions.
+You can also send us additional information to include on the wiki
+page for your talk, such as links to other pages or additional videos.
+If you need help, please e-mail <> .
+To record your video, you could use any of the following pieces of
+free software, depending on your needs:
+- [OBS](//
+- [SimpleScreenRecorder](//
+- [vokoscreenNG](//
+- [peek](//
+- [ffmpeg](//
+You might find the following free software programs useful for editing
+your video recordings:
+- [Kdenlive](//
+- [Blender](//
+- [Pitivi](
+Per GNU Project's
+[Guide to Formats](//, we
+prefer to receive prerecorded videos in formats unencumbered by
+software patents, such as `video/webm` (WebM-encoded video files, with
+`.webm` file extension) and `video/ogg` (video files encoded with the
+Theora video codec, encapsulated in an Ogg transport layer, with
+`.ogg` or `.ogv` file extension). However, if for one reason or
+another you are unable to send us your prerecorded video in one of the
+above formats, you may submit them in other common formats, like
+MPEG-4 (`.mp4`), and we will try to convert them to our preferred
+formats on your behalf.
+*Prepare recorded video in 720p; WebM formatted if possible.*
+> The conference broadcast will be in
+> [720p]( (1280px x 720px,
+> progressive) using the [Webm]( video
+> format. The closer to this format submitted video files arrives in,
+> the less work for volunteers.
+After you send in your video, if you've indicated that you'd like to
+do live Q&A, we'll set up a tech-check call with you. We'll post details here closer to that time.
+Thank you so much for helping with EmacsConf 2021!
+<!-- #### Office hours for video call tech-checks -->
+<!-- After you submit your prerecorded video, we will schedule a tech-check with -->
+<!-- We ask that speakers who plan to participate in Q&A sessions and/or -->
+<!-- plan to present live schedule a short tech-check with us in the weeks -->
+<!-- leading to the conference, in order to quickly check their ability for -->
+<!-- joining video calls and performing common tasks such as sharing their -->
+<!-- screen. The office hours will likely be on Saturdays or Sundays, but -->
+<!-- we would be happy to try and work out another time if that doesn’t -->
+<!-- work for a speaker. -->
+<!-- To schedule a short tech-check, email one of the people listed below -->
+<!-- or visit with us on [#emacsconf-org on Freenode -->
+<!-- IRC](irc:// -->
+<!-- <table> -->
+<!-- <thead> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <td>Volunteer</td> -->
+<!-- <td>Email</td> -->
+<!-- <td>IRC Nick</td> -->
+<!-- <td>Timezone</td> -->
+<!-- </tr> -->
+<!-- </thead> -->
+<!-- <tbody> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <td>Corwin Brust</td> -->
+<!-- <td>&lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;</td> -->
+<!-- <td>mplsCorwin</td> -->
+<!-- <td>US/Central (UTC-6)</td> -->
+<!-- </tr> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <td>Leo Vivier</td> -->
+<!-- <td>&lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;</td> -->
+<!-- <td>zaeph</td> -->
+<!-- <td>CET (UTC+1)</td> -->
+<!-- </tr> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <td>Bhavin Gandhi</td> -->
+<!-- <td>&lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;</td> -->
+<!-- <td>bhavin192</td> -->
+<!-- <td>Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)</td> -->
+<!-- </tr> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <td>Karl Voit</td> -->
+<!-- <td>&lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;</td> -->
+<!-- <td>publicvoit</td> -->
+<!-- <td>CET (UTC+1)</td> -->
+<!-- </tr> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <td><strong>Your Name</strong></td> -->
+<!-- <td>&lt;your@email&gt;</td> -->
+<!-- <td>&nbsp;</td> -->
+<!-- <td>&nbsp;</td> -->
+<!-- </tr> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <td><strong>David O'Toole</strong></td> -->
+<!-- <td>&lt;;</td> -->
+<!-- <td>dto</td> -->
+<!-- <td>US/Eastern (UTC-5)</td> -->
+<!-- </tr> -->
+<!-- <tr> -->
+<!-- <td>Amin Bandali</td> -->
+<!-- <td>&lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;</td> -->
+<!-- <td>bandali</td> -->
+<!-- <td>US/Eastern (UTC-5)</td> -->
+<!-- </tr> -->
+<!-- </tbody> -->
+<!-- </table> -->
+<!-- If you'd like to help out with the tech-checks, feel free to add your -->
+<!-- name and email to the above list and email <> to plan -->
+<!-- the logistics. -->
+<!-- <a name="tech-checklist"></a> -->
+<!-- #### Tech checklist -->
+<!-- - Can you speak and be heard? Is there echo? -->
+<!-- - Can you hear the organizer? -->
+<!-- - Can you share your screen? Is the screen readable? -->
+<!-- - If you plan to show your keystrokes, is that display visible? -->
+<!-- - If you want to share your webcam (optional), can you enable it? Is it visible? Will there likely be distractions in the background? -->
+<!-- - Can you view the collaborative pad? Will you be comfortable reviewing questions on your own (perhaps by keeping it open beside your shared window), or will you need a volunteer to relay questions to you? -->
+<!-- - Can you share contact information (ex: phone number) so that we can get in touch with you in case of technical issues or scheduling changes? -->
+<!-- - Do you need help finding your way around IRC so that you can check into `#emacsconf-org`? What is your IRC nickname? -->