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+[[!meta title="Emacs Research Group, Season Zero: What we did together with Emacs in 2 hours a week for a year"]]
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+# Emacs Research Group, Season Zero: What we did together with Emacs in 2 hours a week for a year
+Noorah Alhasan, Joe Corneli, Raymond Puzio, Leo Vivier
+The four of us met at EmacsConf 2020, and joined together around a
+common interest in Emacs and research. Since then, we have convened as
+the Emacs Research Group for weekly meetings. During these meetings, we
+took notes collaboratively, using a ‘conflict-free replicated data type’
+package (crdt.el); at the end of each session, we debriefed using a
+template that we call a Project Action Review (PAR). As as a
+meta-review of our sessions, every six weeks we prepared a Causal
+Layered Analysis (CLA), which gave us a different perspective on what we
+had done. We reflected further on our experiences and methods, linking
+our CLA to plans and design patterns. As a formal research output, we
+contributed a write-up of these matters to a joint paper which we
+presented at the Pattern Languages of Programs Conference (PLoP 2021).
+The paper included an interactive workshop, in which we explored roles
+in real-time problem solving and collaboration.
+In our short talk we share information about these methods, making a
+case for other people getting together and creating their own small
+research communities similar to ours.
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