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- Coming up with a way to coordinate meetings with *all* the organisers of the EmacsConf (rather than the core subset)
- Coming up with a calendar for the next edition
- Decide whether the live-version of the EmacsConf 2020 can be axed by [2021-06-12 Sat]
+ - Coming up with different tracks
+ - Meta track (for EmacsVerse stuff)
+ - Gaming
+ - Org
+ - Multimedia & Fun
+ - Gaming
+ - Music
+ - Beginner’s track (dto & mplsCorwin?)
- EmacsVerse
- Vet Mailman and exim instance for usergroups: bandali
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- mplsCorwin's livestreaming project, working on trimming
- Diversity outreach: gopar, sachac, zaeph, mplsCorwin
+* Sat 26, 2021 meeting
+- Check-in:
+ - bandali:
+ - The previous weeks flew by, esp. with the freenode/libera troubles and the migration
+ - It was an interesting time nonetheless
+ - Wrote a script for to drop the connection, but only /after/ sending them IRC messages to let them know what’s been going on (via xinetd)
+ - Also supports SSL (via stunnel4)
+ - Also thinking of documenting the process elsewhere (in a blogpost, perhaps?)
+ - Lamenting the fact that he still hasn’t had the time to release the guide/blogpost on the tech-stack for EmacsConf
+ - Finally gotta give himself a kick to get it written
+ - Could be a presentation for the next EmacsConf in a potential Meta track
+ - sachac:
+ - Busy with kiddo
+ - Doing okay! Still working on stenography
+ - zaeph:
+ - Lots of stuff: cool holiday, swimming again, 2nd shot of Pfizer
+- Fixing the cert-renewal for bbb
+ - We seemed to have had a problem with the renewal of the Let’s Encrypt certificate
+ - We hope that we’ve fixed it,a dn we’ll check again in 2 months when the cert is due to expire.
+- Preparing the public meeting
+ - Goals for today:
+ - Settle on a tech stack (BBB + streaming)
+ - Write quick report on what we’ve been doing since the last EmacsConf
+ - Prepare announcement for office hours (and contextual framing wrt diversity)
+ - Anticipate questions (esp. wrt diversity)
+ - How to publicise the event in the week leading up to it
+ - Reddit announcement
+ - Hacker News announcement
+ - Sacha’s blog
+ - Categories announced in the email
+ - diversity and outreach,
+ - accessibility,
+ - technology and infrastructure, and
+ - feedback/discussion on other aspects of the conference.
+ - Tech-aspects
+ - Managing people/questions
+ - Is it safe to publish the link to the main room (being streamed)?
+ - It’s already published; but we could still use it as a staging room
+ - Do we need a staging room for letting people into the main room?
+ - Probably not necessary
+ - Selecting questions
+ - How should we take written questions?
+ - IRC?
+ - Etherpad?
+ - Both?
+ - Answer:
+ - We should probably favour questions asked in BBB (either by text-chat or audio), but bandali can probably also field questions from (for a non-JS way to participate)
+ - Should we refrain from showing the pad on the stream to avoid fielding sensitive questions without due preparation on our end?
+ - Answer
+ - Since we’re not expecting too many people, we’re just going to wing it with BBB-chat constantly on the screen, and we can always hide it if need be
+ - Streaming at live0 as usual
+ - We should update to reflect the changes for the current meeting
+ - How do we deal with contingencies?
+ - zaeph will prepare protocols for handling either too many people participating into the events, or the chat going too fast, etc.
+ - Addressing difficult questions
+ - On diversity (gender, ethnicies, etc.)
+ - ‘These are not new problems, and it’s not restricted to Emacs either. We think Emacs is a pretty diverse community, but we think that the office hours are going to be a good way to reach out to people. We are striving to improve the current situation, and we are open to suggestions; which is exactly why we are having this meeting today.’
+ - On doing diversity ‘by the numbers’
+ - ‘We’re all about inclusivity here; I personally don’t feel it’d be a good idea to exclude people based on their gender or their ethnies just to fit an arbitrary number. We’re trying to fix the problem byt attracting /more/ people rather than /excluding/ some.’
+ - ‘Improving the /status quo/ is /exactly/ what we’re striving to do here and with the office hours, so, by all means, do come talk with us if you’ve got input on this
+ - On RMS
+ - ‘He’s been a central figure in Emacs and FLOSS: we value his views within those bounds, and are willing to hear him out on those topics.
+ - On FH
+ - ‘We don’t run FH; we don’t pay them, nor receive any money from them; if you have questions about Freenode and Fosshost, please look at the recent news and direct further questions to the people in charge.’
+ - On signing CLA for contributing to Emacs
+ - bandali can take care of this one, and zaeph can assist
+ - None of us here is an Emacs maintainer, so take what we’ll say with a grain of salt
+ - Pros
+ - Entire codebase remains FSF-copyrighted, which means it’s also FSF-enforcable
+ - Cons
+ - Make contributions to Emacs a little more difficult
+ - TINYCHANGE is fine for small stuff
+ - For larger changes, or for contributing longer term, the amount of time that the assignment takes is negligeable, or can be looked over the entire duration (2m at most)
+ - On leenode
+ - bandali can take care of it (chronology, why we did it)
+ - On funny technical questions
+ - We can provide somewhat serious answers
+ - It’s an always-improving process; we’re all in this together, and if you think you can do this, or want to do this, you’re in the right place to discuss it!
+ - Assigning rôles
+ - Host
+ - Overall animation
+ - Offloading questions to others
+ - Presenting the report
+ - Question fielder
+ - Conduct-guidelines reminder
+ - Timekeeper
+ - Streamer: bandali
+ - Will look after the stream
+ - Staging room for letting people in
+- Chronology for starting the meeting
+ - bandali starts the BBB room
+ - sachac, zaeph (and other willing orgas) join the room
+ - bandali starts the stream
+ - bandali welcoming everyone shortly (so as to focus on the stream ASAP)
+ - zaeph explain what the meeting is about
+ - sachac(/zaeph) explain how to interact with us
+ - We don’t need to be particularly long; we’re not going to have too many people, and we can expect people to play nice
+ - We’re going to favour BBB for the questiosn (botht he text-chat and audio), and if questions arise
+ - zaeph present what we’ve been up to (up to 15’; however long is appropriate)
+ - If there’s a whole lot of people coming to the meeting, we dont’ need to cut on the report, and we can just have another meeting another time in July.
+ - Should include a mention to the office hours that we’re going to be doing, as well as mentioning the parts which are up for discussion
+- Next actions for the meeting
+ - bandali
+ - Update
+ - Test all the modules of the streaming setup (OBS, BBB, live0, 480p stream, etc.)
+ - Ping zaeph in case of problems
+ - sachac
+ - Could sachac take care of the 480p stream like she did last time
+ - zaeph
+ - Write the report for EmacsConf/EmacsVerse
+ - Submit it to bandali and sachac by Wednesday for review
+- Next meeting
+ - [2021-07-03 Sat 13:30] (UTC) for tech-check
+ - 9:30am EDT for bandali and sachac
+- Next actions
+ - Project-based:
+ - bbb:
+ - BBB experimentations:
+ - See if increasing the RAM results in less CPU usage
+ - Gauge how much the number of present users affect the resources
+ - Working with the swap
+ - Decreasing the swapiness of the kernel might help
+ - Test RW speed (elsewhere than ~/tmp/~)
+ - Check if we can change the ffmpeg prioritisation for BBB (so as to get recordings out sooner, or to manage them ourselves)
+ - Does bbb spawn a ffmpeg process that we can investigate?
+ - The Meeting™
+ - Look for questions to submit to the panel/public with regards to diversity, accessibility, or any topic we see fit
+ - From ERG:
+ - We might want to send a report with what we’ve done with regards to the comments that were made at the end of the previous edition
+ - Misc:
+ - Look into GLT21 to see if they have specifications/doc for their streaming
+ - We might want to discuss the podcast during the next session
+ - People-based:
+ - zaeph:
+ - Email Emacs NYC (and Cc sachac and bandali) to ask them if they’d be interested in hosting their sessions on our BBB instance (on FH)
+ - Organisers to content:
+ - (goes to both Eric & Zach)
+ - Do the same with Emacs ATX?
+ - Do the same with M-x Research
+ - bandali:
+ - Prepare the announcement email for the Improvement Meeting™
+ - Wiki updates for references to freenode
+ - Check if there is anything important on live0 that would need archiving (besides the raw EmacsConf2020 ಠ_ಠ)
+ - Listing the specs for the non-FH servers (very quick)
+ - Wipe the private-repo
* Sat 5, 2021 meeting
- Next actions from last time
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- If someone is a horrible person that has done horrible thing, we wouldn’t be excited about having them along; but as far as we are concerned
- We tried to rôle-play possible answers that could be given to our reactions with RMS, and we can see that it’ll take a lot of preparation
- Putting people on the spot with questions like the one zaeph had at the end of his first presentation (with regards to the impact of his ethnicity/gender on his developer experience): What could we do?
- - We don’t want the speakers to be dismissive of it because it shows either a lack of importance
+ - We don’t want the speakers to be dismissive of it because it shows either a lack of importance or…?
- We said during the debrief that it’d be something to approach in the speaker-prep
- As a temporary measure, /delaying/ is perfectly reasonable response
- Answering later helps keeping things calm