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- Doing volume checks when pre-recorded talks go live to do live normalisation
- Maybe bandali could look into easyeffects’s autogain?
-- EmacsConf 2022
+- EmacsConf 2022 and onwards
This entry is mostly for points we cannot address for EmacsConf 2021 (for lack of time), but that we’d still like to track for the future.
- Improving the review process
- Involving the public (i.e. doing it publicly)
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- Think about funding
- Figuring out the financing of our infras
- bandali is taking care of a lot of our spendings right now; maybe we could dampen this amongst orgas?
+ - We all lament the fact that we can’t field longer 40-min talks anymore; maybe we could think about options?
+ - Multiple streams
+ - Different tracks on different days
+ - Split org from Emacs?
+ - Splitting is also a good incentive for both sides of the split to up their game (or to fill the void)
+ - Having a separate day for beginner- and developer-oriented talks?
+ - A week-long conference?
+ - It might be hard to jump from 2-day to full-week.
+ - It’s hard to have people available across the entire period.
+ - We should make it easier for other people to edit the for publishing the schedule; for 2021, sachac and zaeph were able to do it, but we should make it more our functions more robust.
- EmacsVerse
- Vet Mailman and exim instance for usergroups: bandali
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- mplsCorwin's livestreaming project, working on trimming
- Diversity outreach: gopar, sachac, zaeph, mplsCorwin
+* October 23, 2021 meeting
+ - bandali:
+ - Look into creating a Mastodon account
+ - Options:,
+ - Keep working on the FTP deployment and setting up the VM
+ - zaeph:
+ - Pin post to r/emacs for the program
+ - Everyone:
+ - Add our social media to
+ - Think about the phrasing of some of our personal questions for the tech-checks
* October 16, 2021 meeting
- TODO from last time
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- /Glitter/ for EmacsConf
- Thinking about organisation principles like the bus-factor: how do we address it in a way that is not merely putting people on a pedestal?
+- Check-ins
+ - corwin
+ - Had a pretty rough work-week. :(
+ - sachac
+ - Taking care of kiddo!
+ - bandali
+ - Has already managed to <Backspace> in BBB. :o)
+ - zaeph
+ - Passed the first round of technical interviews
+- Considerations for EmacsConf 2021 and future editions
+ - sachac might not always be able to take care of the conf-days check-in
+- Coming up with a date for the publishing the schedule
+ - bandali: Has a draft, and would like to send it to us by tomorrow
+ - We don’t seem to have any blocker right now when it comes to publishing the schedule, except perhaps for the posters.
+ - We have
+ - We’ve elected to publish the schedule on [2021-10-20 Wed].
+ - Do we want to to only publish the program, or do we want to publish the program & the schedule at the same time?
+ - corwin: More publications is usually good if we have unique and exciting things to share in each one
+ - ‘Here’s all the talks we’ve accepted so far’
+ - sachac: Publishing the program early might get people curious about the topics, potentially leading to great questions
+- Glitter for EmacsConf
+ - We have three posters to review this year: one by zleap, one LaTeX-based, and one from alphapapa
+ - We don’t know what are the permissions on those posters, though.
+ - sachac: We could make social-media-friendly posters for publicising the conf.
+ - Where to publicise the conf?
+ - bandali: We could and should create a Mastodon
+ - zaeph: I can take care of r/emacs sticky-posts.
+ - We have Twitter: official account, and potentially sachac’s
+ - We can also [[][EmacsConf (@emacsconf) | nitter]]
+ - Where to let things happen organically
+ - corwin can take care of Facebook; sachac has made the Emacs page public again
+ -… but we might let people do it themselves (or maybe ask zaeph’s contacts)
+ - HackerNews… But considering how unlucky bandali and zaeph are in getting visibility, we might as well let people take care of it (potentially with more karma)
+ - Since our program is fairly advanced (i.e. we don’t have a ‘What is an Emac?’ talk or anything along those lines), publicising on some broad-audience platforms might create expectations that won’t be met
+ - Main platforms for us:
+ - r/emacs
+ - Usergroups
+ - Emacs News
+ - IRC
+ - HackerNews
+ - Subsidiary platforms
+ -
+ - Twitter
+ - Facebook
+- On the legitimacy of adding our socials to
+ - We’re a little on the fence with publicising a Facebook page on this page, but we can probably label it accordingly (‘This page contains non-free JS’)
+ - We could also link to alternative platforms which are more respectful of people.
+ - …Or, we could say ‘go on this platform, and search for this page’ whilst raising awareness about non-free JS
+ - corwin: ‘The real reason why we’d want to put the links to social on the page is that people are aware of the energy that exist around the stuff that we’re doing. Demonstrating that energy is a way to get people excited about Emacs.
+- When to do tech-checks: after/before the soft-deadline for pre-recs
+ - sachac: We don’t have to wait for the soft deadline
+ - sachac: ‘[Speakers]
+ - We can redirect people to [[][BigBlueButton - Open Source Web Conferencing]] to test their system.
+ - Questions for the tech-checks (not published yet)
+ #+begin_quote
+ - $questions_about_pronouns
+ - We can track them in
+ - Can you tell us how to pronounce your name?
+ # Questions after that point are copied from last year.
+ - Can you speak and be heard? Is there echo?
+ - Can you hear the organizer?
+ - Can you share your screen? Is the screen readable?
+ - If you plan to show your keystrokes, is that display visible?
+ - If you want to share your webcam (optional), can you enable it? Is it visible? Will there likely be distractions in the background?
+ - Can you view the collaborative pad? Will you be comfortable reviewing questions on your own (perhaps by keeping it open beside your shared window), or will you need a volunteer to relay questions to you?
+ - Can you share contact information (ex: phone number) so that we can get in touch with you in case of technical issues or scheduling changes?
+ - Do you need help finding your way around IRC so that you can check into `#emacsconf-org`? What is your IRC nickname?
+ #+end_quote
+- Public debrief for EmacsConf 2021: yay or nay?
+ - We already did this informally at the end of day-2 of EmacsConf 2020
+ - We also started this process of debrieffing and having weekly meetings to review our process last year, but we did it privately.
+ - corwin: ‘The debrief on what happened in 2021’ should be done with a fair amount of gap with ‘What should be done in 2022?’
+ - Is there a bit of a burnout going on with the weekly meetings?
+ - corwin: We’ve been meeting every week for a year
+ - …But it’s a lesson learnt, not a ‘oops’.
+ - Switching to a monthly meeting during the down-time (Dec-May) might alleviate this.
+- FTP server
+ - bandali: Been digging into various FTP servers implementations, and has been chatting with the FSF team; what they use is vsftpd; checked their local configuration, but bandali doesn’t know enough about it to deploy it right now.
+ - In short: did the learning, and will work towards setting up.
+- Process for editing the talks
+ - Changing the schedule should be done via
+ - Talk descriptions can be manually edited by the speakers via ikiwiki.
+- Generating XML programme
+ - seabass: Tried to implement this in; had got stuck with evaluating in the org-babel format
+ - sachac: you can define a new block without the results none arguments
+ - seabass can send a draft to the list
+ - sachac: Not neccessary to use many Emacs packages; ~(require 's)~ and ~(require 'cl-lib)~
+- Follow-up email to speakers
+ - When to send it
+ - We should probably delay sending the program until we’ve sent this follow-up, since we’ll need speakers to review their apges
+ - We can probably give them a week to do so
+ - Tentative calendar:
+ [2021-10-20 Wed] Send follow-up
+ [2021-10-27 Wed] Edits to talk pages should be finished
+ [2021-10-30 Sat] Publishing the program
+ - Content
+ - Announce tech-checks
+ - Ask people to try BBB via [[][BBB test page]]
+ - sachac: ‘If you would like to do live, please check your setup, and then email us to let us know that if tha passed, or if you need additional help; therefore, we should help from people who should go live, and if we don’t hear from the people who said they would do a live talk, we should follow-up with them’
+ - Ask speakers to review their talk page and edit them manually (with ikiwiki, info at [[][EmacsConf - Editing the EmacsConf wiki]], directing people to #emacsconf (not -org) for peer-help) if they want to edit their talk-page before the conference
+ - ‘We’d like to publish the program as soon as possible, and your talk-pages will be featured on it, so please take care of this by $date’
+ - ‘We’re thinking of publishing by $date, so it’d be great if you could review it by then (no pressure!)’
* October 9, 2021 meeting