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Keynote speaker(s) for EmacsConf 2021 will be introduced in a future
+* Office hours
* Topic ideas
Not sure what to talk about? You might find some neat ideas on the
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* Getting involved
+We are very happy and humbled that EmacsConf has been received so well
+by Emacsians all around the world and it's been growing! Last year
+EmacsConf 2020 saw a ~30% increase in number of talks and had more
+than double the participants and viewers compared to EmacsConf 2019,
+and we are hopeful that it keeps on growing and reaching more Emacs
+users and enthusiasts.
+As EmacsConf keeps on growing, it would need more volunteers and
+organizers to help make it the awesome conference that it is and make
+it even better each year, and we would love to have your help for
+** Help review EmacsConf proposal submissions
+This year, we are inviting interested community members to help review
+talk proposal submissions as part of the selection committee
+previously consisting only of EmacsConf organizers. If you are
+interested in helping review this year's session proposals, please
+write to one of the [[][emacsconf-org]] or [[][emacsconf-org-private]] mailing
+lists and/or come say hi to us at =#emacsconf-org= on
+** Help with planning, organizing, and other aspects of EmacsConf
If you would like to get involved with the various aspects of
organizing the conference, such as planning the sessions and helping
with the infrastructure, see our [[][planning]] page and come say hi to
us at =#emacsconf= on
-Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list, [[][emacsconf-discuss]], for
-discussion and announcements about the EmacsConf conference.
+As we strive to make EmacsConf more and more accessible each year, we
+would love to have help from stenographers and/or any volunteers who
+would be so kind to help transcribe and/or describe what is happening
+during each talk in the =#emacsconf-accessible= IRC channel. We could
+later gather these logs and post them on the EmacsConf website for
+each talk where applicable.
+Last but not least, please don't forget to subscribe to our mailing
+list, [[][emacsconf-discuss]], for discussion and announcements about the
+EmacsConf conference.
We look forward to your ideas and submissions!