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<p class="center">[[!img /i/emacsconf-logo1-256.png
alt="EmacsConf logo"]]</p>
-<p class="center">[[<strong>Call for Proposals</strong>|cfp]] |
+<p class="center">[[Call for Proposals|cfp]] |
[[Ideas]] | [[Submit]] | [[Prepare]] | [[Planning]] |
[[Guidelines for Conduct|conduct]]</p>
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Emacs Lisp.</p>
We are busy putting things together for EmacsConf 2021, and we would
love to have *your* help to make EmacsConf 2021 amazing, much like the
-previous EmacsConfs. See our [[**Call for Proposals**|cfp]], get
+previous EmacsConfs. See our [[Call for Proposals|cfp]], get
involved, and help spread the word!
We are holding EmacsConf 2021 as an online conference again this year.