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- mplsCorwin's livestreaming project, working on trimming
- Writing about Emacs: zaeph
- Diversity outreach: gopar, sachac, zaeph
+- Finding a parallel monthly day for EmacsConf prep meetings
* February 6, 2021 meeting
-- Preemptive points
+- Checking in with everyone
+ - bandali: Crunch at work with the latest release of Debian, Icecat release
+ - zaeph: possible actual department for free software at his current work
+ - mplsCorwin: vacation, extra week, yay PTO! Looking more into literate programming. (Grant Rettke recently shared how he uses untangling to make it easier for people to edit the resulting source code files)
+ - sachac:
+ - Emacs calendar can now handle recurring events
+ - Now done with a Python script instead of an old Ruby script
+ - Some people are starting to use it!
+ - Especially for the meetups.
+ - Started figuring out Twitch streaming
+ - updated obs-websocket at, can easily switch scenes, start/stop recording, put a message up in a buffer, capture timestamped notes/markers into a WebVTT file
+ - Sacha is curious about gstreamer; maybe if Amin got around to writing his gstreamer script, Sacha could get around to using it for Twitch?
+ - Sacha is also working on a system for using Twitch’s API to send subtitles/descriptions
+ - used mozart-dice-game NPM to generate a whole bunch of piano minuet MIDIs, yay generated music; used selectric-mode to add typing sounds
+ - looked into OBS SendCaptions, but might not be able to easily get it to work under Linux; might consider other ways to send live captions and markers
+ - Started sketching out EmacsDiversity page
+ - Next up: test my hydra for editing subtitles,
+- Points
+ - *okay, streaming* =) (We'll figure out where to put it some other time, this is just to get us used to working in public)
- Diversity
- - Iterating over [[][EmacsWiki : Emacs Diversity]]
+ - Iterating over [[][EmacsWiki : Emacs Diversity]] (you might be thinking about EmacsChannelDemographics)
+ - Podcast update?
+ - shoshin update on the intro music?
+ - Answer this question: ‘What kinds of talks do we generally want?’
+ - Working off our configs; explaining parts of our config (mplsCorwin)
+ - Inspiration, integrated workflow demos
+ - Really cool programming demo
+ - Really cool nonprogramming demo
+ - The goal would be to get people to read other people’s code; something vaguely archeological: ‘if I could do this, even though it wasn’t great code, it did the job!’
+ - A lot of people respond to those ‘programming but not’ / surface-programming approaches to code.
+ - ERG reports on what we’re working on (zaeph)
+ - Meta-workshops on how they’re organised/run, what goes into it (zaeph)
+ - Writing modes / releasing modes
+ - How do we go from some intricate code inside a personal config to a package releasable to the public?
+ - Hacking on Emacs C core (bandali)
+ - Some of the more involved modification of Emacs will need to be done in the C core.
+ - Maybe we could consider inviting Stéfan Monnier?
+ - Native compilation, maybe dynamic modules?
+ - Amin: Check how much time it would take to deploy Mailman for the workshops.
+ - Are we trading low up-front effort (asking maintainers to create a mailing list) for high ongoing effort (keeping our own mailing list system going)?
+ - Amin talked to someone else who can help set this up, maybe even this weekend. Main domain? Maybe emacsverse?
+ - Stack: Trisql, Exim, Mailman
+ - Could it work with FOSSHost?
+ - Since it’s geared to the end-users, and based on our relationship with them (via mplsCorwin), we might be able to ask them to host the server.
+ - FOSSHost did set up a BBB for us; we should gauge whether we want/need to use it.
+ - Hmm... mplsCorwin, would FOSSHost like to talk to the other Emacs meetups to see if they want to join up? I think it was EmacsNYC or EmacsATX that has been experimenting with self-hosting Jitsi, and EmacsBerlin self-hosts Jitsi. Could be later on.
+ - Domain discussion
+ - emacsverse
+ - Mailing lists and co. would go on their
+ - All in all:
+ - We’re very close to having Mailman ready for the meetups/workshops.
+ - FH & BBB: What *scope* do we want?
+ - ‘Do we want Emacs NYC to get their own server, or do we want to manage a single, federated instance with user-account, self-management, etc.?’
+ - We’d be in charge of most of the management of that instance, and we wouldn’t be piggy-backing on the FSF’s instance.
+ - We'll figure out our own stuff first, maybe, and then we can get the other folks in
+ - Improving the diversity page: [[][EmacsWiki : Emacs Diversity]]
+ - Right now, the page only contains an alphabetised list of names
+rganising the names on that page in a more relevant fashion?
+ - Two sides of the question:
+ - "I feel a little isolated. I don't know other Emacs users, and it seems you have to be a real computer geek in order to use Emacs. Are there people like me?"
+ - ‘What are some different ways you can use Emacs, and what kinds of people use Emacs?
+ - People might be unwilling to identify as marginalised groups: how do we resolve this?
+ - Diversity of usage: What is Emacs being used for?
+ - Diversity of people: By whom is Emacs being used?
+- Homework:
+ - For everyone:
+ - Think about ways to organize and flesh out the [[][Emacs Diversity]] page.
+ - How do we give it better structure?
+ - Leo: Work on the FSF thing (for [2021-02-15 Mon])
+ - Sacha: Figure out toggling mute from Emacs and add it to my modeline, since my computer LED doesn't work =)
+ - Sacha: Edit more subtitles
+ - Future points
+ - bandali & mplsCorwin: Gauge whether we can/need to use FH’s BBB.
+ - …For our own meetings/workshops?
+ - …For the next EmacsConf?
* January 28, 2021 meeting
- Agenda
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- How strongly do we want to ask for pre-recs?
- Definitely at least as much as this year.
- It’s also much easier for Amin to chill when we have pre-recs.
+ - We need to incentives speakers by telling sending their pre-recs early, we can do some adjustments.
* January 21, 2021 meeting
- Updates: