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[[!template id=vid src="" subtitles="/2020/subtitles/emacsconf-2020--03-idea-to-novel-superstructure-emacs-for-writing--bala-ramadurai.vtt"]]
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You want to write a novel, but you don't know how to create an
outline. You have a seed idea for a novel, and you intend to expand
@@ -99,3 +100,142 @@ We will use:
- Uses pandoc to export from org
- Author of Karmic Design Thinking (<>)
- Uses Spacemacs
+<a name="transcript-questions"></a>
+# Transcript (questions)
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:00.000" text="I have the pad open. So, I can start."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:05.333" text="Do you have occasions to use Emacs for multilingual text composition?"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:11.333" text="How do you deal with spell-checking?"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:15.333" text="I have written only in English. For English, Emacs works great."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:15.333" text="Spell-check works great."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:23.767" text="I have not used it for any other languages."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:29.300" text="I have indeed tried local South Indian language, but only the script"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:40.333" text="I could get, but not the spell-checker, really. I've not really figured it out."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:47.567" text="So that was my trial to answer the first question."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:51.067" text="The second question is: \"is it possible to align the subcolumns"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:57.031" text="and headings and subheadings?\""]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:00:59.967" text="Oh boy. That's a good one. I actually felt the lack of having the..."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:04.967" text="The theme I had was great for... It looked like a novel"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:11.100" text="when I'm typing on the novel itself,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:14.533" text="but when I expand into the subtrees,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:19.800" text="it sort of goes haywire. It's a bit hacky."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:22.233" text="You can probably switch to a monospace font,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:24.900" text="and that works better than"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:27.133" text="the font that I have demoed it."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:30.967" text="You can perhaps try monospace font"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:36.033" text="and it should work, I think,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:37.700" text="as far as I know."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:39.600" text="So, that's the second question."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:42.667" text="The third question is maybe there should be an Emacs for Writing"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:47.600" text="mailing list, an online writer's workshop?"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:50.433" text="This is a great one."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:51.300" text="I have conducted an online writer's workshop"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:54.433" text="here in India. Of course, it wasn't"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:01:58.000" text="an Emacs-focused workshop. We used Notion as the tool. It worked pretty good."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:05.467" text="for people who are not aware of Emacs and how to use Emacs, the keystrokes,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:12.633" text="the fact that I wasn't using the mouse unnerved them."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:16.200" text="It was a scary experience for most people."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:19.267" text="I had to switch to Notion."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:22.333" text="People used that as a template"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:23.567" text="and then they could type it out."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:28.233" text="It wasn't my perfect experience. I liked the Emacs Org Mode experience much better."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:33.633" text="The next question is, \"How do you share drafts of your novel?"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:41.300" text="If you use pandoc to export to Word, etc., how do you incorporate feedback"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:44.867" text="on the document back into Org?\""]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:46.867" text="Thank you for the kind words."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:50.767" text="Yes, it is a problem."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:02:53.100" text="This is my ??, and I have a dedication to Spacemacs also and the Emacs Org Mode"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:02.033" text="community in there. I don't know if you can see it."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:04.433" text="Probably not."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:05.467" text="I did export it to Word."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:10.600" text="My editor did complain that there were a whole bunch of things,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:13.333" text="that it wasn't convenient for her."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:16.633" text="So I tried having the raw Org Mode itself in a DOC embedded,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:20.933" text="and I will do a copy and paste."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:26.067" text="Didn't work so well either."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:27.867" text="So I'm still on the edge on how do I do this."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:31.267" text="Should I train my editor to use Org Mode"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:34.933" text="in Gitlab or one of those"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:37.167" text="other tools, which is not a great experience?"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:39.833" text="But... I don't know. It could be tricky for working with people"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:47.633" text="who are not well-versed with Emacs."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:03:50.867" text="Pandoc is very, very useful in converting it to PDF"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:02.000" text="and integrating it with LaTeX, the styling, formatting into e-reader,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:02.000" text="EPUB format. For all that, Pandoc works great. You can customize it"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:13.133" text="and of course there's a lot of support in the community"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:16.233" text="for any style changes that you want to make, any images that you want to add."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:20.133" text="It works great."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:22.967" text="That was my trial to answer the pandoc question."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:28.367" text="\"Can you show exported PDF of any of your novels?\""]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:35.100" text="Unfortunately, it's still not published, so I'm..."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:38.600" text="I will put it and share it on the community,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:42.067" text="or part of this in the schedule itself. Thank you for the question."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:48.067" text="Unfortunately, it's not yet published, so I'm unable to publish the exported PDF."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:04:55.000" text="But I'll make a test of an open-source novel that I'm working on"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:01.300" text="I will definitely publish that so that you can see"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:05.767" text="how it works also."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:10.433" text="Can you text-wrap in the columns?"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:13.167" text="I have not found a way to do text-wrap in the columns."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:19.667" text="That only shows my limitation in config setup,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:23.633" text="but I'm sure people can figure this out"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:27.033" text="That's a good one. I would have loved to have it."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:29.900" text="Every time I want to write more on the headline,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:34.000" text="I would get out of the column-view mode and I would do the typing and expand it,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:42.467" text="and then come back into the column view when I want to set the other meta parameters."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:46.700" text="So that's how I manage without the text-wrapping feature built into column."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:54.133" text="But I think it's a great idea to have text wrap."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:05:58.000" text="Did I leave out any questions? I don't think so."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:05.333" text="[Amin]: I think there's at least one question on IRC,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:10.600" text="which I shall read to you."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:14.500" text="[Bala]: Please, can you do that? Thank you."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:17.300" text="[Amin]: So they asked, \"How do you collaborate with others while writing your novel?"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:21.278" text="For example, sharing your file and getting feedback.\""]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:28.100" text="Okay. Good question. So far, I have used... Let's see..."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:37.100" text="What did I use... This is a crazy hack."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:40.833" text="But it's a long-winded way of..."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:44.667" text="Right now we're working on an e-book for sustainability"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:50.300" text="and kids contribute their stories into this long Org Mode file"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:06:57.767" text="and I want my editors to see it"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:00.233" text="so what we have done, actually, is with the tags and all that, I have actually"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:05.333" text="pasted it into Google Docs"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:08.167" text="so that my collaborators and"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:11.833" text="editors can see it."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:14.000" text="That's my current solution. It's not elegant."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:16.667" text="I'm trying to see if I can use Python code to make the copy and paste work,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:23.900" text="but it's not so elegant for now."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:26.900" text="I don't know how to work this out,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:28.933" text="but this is my hack. That is,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:31.100" text="the entire Org Mode text, I would paste it into"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:34.300" text="Google Docs"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:35.433" text="so that my collaborators and editors"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:37.700" text="can see it. Whenever they edit it, I ask them not to make any changes"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:41.667" text="to the Org Mode tags."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:43.500" text="So just copy the entire text"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:45.633" text="and put it back into my Org Mode file"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:51.167" text="and export it using Pandoc into a PDF"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:53.300" text="and since it's synced to Google Drive"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:56.000" text="it shows up in the Google Drive"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:07:58.600" text="and then the collaborators can see the PDF/EPUB"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:03.633" text="if they want to open it up"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:05.333" text="in their own space."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:06.200" text="It's very very hacky and I think primitive, Stone Age sort of solution."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:11.467" text="I did see a Python solution."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:15.567" text="to at least help me with the copying and paste."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:18.967" text="I'm still working on how do I convert this."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:21.574" text="Interconvertability is driving me nuts."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:24.300" text="I think most of the questions"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:26.533" text="are around interconvertability."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:29.333" text="This is sort of what I have right now."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:34.767" text="Any other questions, Amin,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:37.567" text="on IRC or not?"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:40.233" text="[Amin]: Let's see. I think that's about it."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:46.433" text="[Bala]: Okay. Cool. That was fun."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:50.033" text="Thank you so much to"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:51.833" text="the organizers of Emacs conference,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:54.577" text="and the community at large,"]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:08:57.100" text="the Org Mode community and the Emacs community for helping me out."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:09:01.303" text="Thank you so much."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:09:02.900" text="Thanks for the opportunity as well."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:09:05.233" text="[Amin]: And thank you, Bala, for your awesome talk."]]
+[[!subtitle video="#qnaVideo" start="00:09:07.300" text="[Bala]: Thanks. Thanks a lot, Amin."]]