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EmacsConf. Check out the [[**Schedule**|schedule]] and
[[**Poster**|poster]] for more details.
+## Watching
+On November 28 and 29 you will be able to watch the livestreams via
+<>, which also has details on how to watch the
+streams using media players that support streaming (like mpv and VLC).
+## Participating
+For audience questions specifically, we will be experimenting with
+using a collaboratively-editable Etherpad as the primary means of
+collecting audience questions. We will be posting a link to the pad
+closer to the event. If, however, you are unable to access the pad to
+add your question(s), we will still try to take questions from our
+questions-specific IRC channel (`#emacsconf-questions` on
+``), and ask one or two volunteers to kindly add
+questions from that channel to the pad on behalf of folks who are not
+able to or prefer not to use the web-based questions pad.
Come hang out with us in `#emacsconf` on ``. You can
join the chat using [your favourite IRC client][ircs], or by visiting
[][chat] in your web browser, a self-hosted instance
of [The Lounge][thelounge] free software web IRC client for EmacsConf.
+## Updates
Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list
[emacsconf-discuss][emacsconf-discuss] for discussion and
announcements about the conference.