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you soon!
+## Behind the scenes
+This year, we were again able to make EmacsConf happen entirely with
+Free Software. For the live talks and/or Q&A sessions with speakers,
+we used the BigBlueButton instance graciously shared with us by the
+Free Software Foundation (FSF). The whole conference was captured and
+streamed to the EmacsConf stream server running Icecast, using a
+GStreamer pipeline based on a script written by Ruben Rodriguez for
+streaming FSF events such as the LibrePlanet conference and FSF35. For
+the collaborative pad for gathering questions and show notes, we used
+an Etherpad on the Wikimedia Foundation instance hosted at
+ For the EmacsConf website, we used
+ikiwiki. During the conference, we used Emacs Lisp to plan the
+schedule, update the topics across our IRC channels, and send
+automated messages about upcoming talks to speakers and organizers,
+all inside Emacs. As we write more about our streaming setup,
+infrastructure, processes, and code, we'll update
+ and post links to
[ircs]: ircs://
[chat]: //