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@@ -18,16 +18,14 @@ again this year, especially now, given the current state of the world
with the ongoing global pandemic. We remain fully committed to
freedom, and we will continue using our infrastructure and streaming
setup consisting entirely of [free software][freesw], much like the
-last EmacsConf. Check out the [[**Schedule**|schedule]] and
-[[**Poster**|poster]] for more details.
+last EmacsConf.
## Watching
-Over the next few weeks, we'll split up the bulk video recordings into
-individual talks. We'll post the videos and links on the individual
-talk pages, and we'll send an update to the
-[emacsconf-discuss][emacsconf-discuss] mailing list. In the meantime,
-please enjoy [last year's talks](
+You can now watch the videos of talks and Q&A sessions from the
+individual talk pages linked to in the [[schedule]]. There's also a
+[[playlist|emacsconf-2020.m3u]]. Low-resolution (480p) versions will
+be uploaded over the next few weeks. Please let us know of any issues!
## Participating
@@ -37,18 +35,18 @@ audience questions. <>
We also took questions from our IRC channel (`#emacsconf` on
``), with volunteers adding questions from that
channel to the pad on behalf of folks who were not able to or prefer
-not to use the web-based questions pad.
+not to use the web-based questions pad. [[Here's the archived pad.|pad]]
+To follow up after the conference, please check the [[schedule]] for
+the link to the individual talk page. We've added the questions and
+notes from the pad to each talk's page, and we'll ask the speakers to
+review the pages and add more information.
Come hang out with us in `#emacsconf` on ``. You can
join the chat using [your favourite IRC client][ircs], or by visiting
[][chat] in your web browser, a self-hosted instance
of [The Lounge][thelounge] free software web IRC client for EmacsConf.
-To follow up after the conference, please check the [[schedule]] for
-the link to the individual talk page. Over the next few weeks, we'll
-add notes from the pad, other resources, and followup contact
-information from speakers.
## Updates
Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list