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EmacsConf 2019 | Virtual (Online) Conference  
November 2, 2019 | 9am EDT / 1pm UTC / 2pm CET  
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**[[Talks]]** (videos + accompanying material) |
[[**Shownotes pad**|pad]] | [[Schedule]] | [[Code of Conduct|conduct]]

EmacsConf is the conference about the joy of Emacs, Emacs Lisp, and
memorizing key sequences.

<a name="watch"></a>
## Watch

See [](// for the livestream
feeds you can watch in your browser, as well as instructions for
watching them in media players that support streaming.

<a name="participate"></a>
## Participate

IRC, specifically the freenode network, is our primary real-time
communication channel.  You can join the chat using [your favourite
IRC client](irc:// or the
[](// webchat.

Below are the official EmacsConf IRC channels:

- **#emacsconf**: the main IRC channel for EmacsConf.
- **#emacsconf-questions**: dedicated to audience questions, more
  moderated than the main channel to keep traffic lower so that the
  organizers or the speakers could easily get to people's questions
  without having to sift through unrelated messages.
- **#emacsconf-accessible**: discussion around EmacsConf's
  accessibility.  On November 2, please use this channel to post
  transcriptions or descriptive texts about what's happening during
  each talk.
- **#emacsconf-org**: dedicated channel for EmacsConf organizers and
  speakers, intended as an internal, low-traffic space.  For general
  discussion around the conference please use #emacsconf instead,
  unless there's an urgent matter requiring immediate attention of the

Lastly, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list
for general discussion and announcements about the conference.

<a name="status"></a>
## Status

We have set up a status page at
[](// where we will post
latest updates on any disruptions to various parts of our
infrastructure.  If you notice a problem or experience disruption
that's not acknowledged there, please join the #emacsconf-org IRC
channel and send a message about it.

## misc

This year, we are holding EmacsConf as an online conference.  We will
be using [free software](// tools
exclusively throughout our infrastructure, with a detailed write-up of
our setup coming after the conference.

Older notes:
[[Watch|2019#watch]] | [[Participate|2019#participate]] |
[[Status|2019#status]] | [[Call for Proposals|cfp]] |
[[Planning]] | [[Ideas]] | [[Submit]] | [[Register]]

For speakers:
[[Instructions for presenting|present]] |
[[Notes on preparing your talk|prepare]] | [[Tips for speakers|tips]]

For organizers:
[[Organizers' notebook|organizers-notebook]]